Monday, October 1, 2012

Wants: Salmon Pasta and a side of Pug

My vague attempt to start eating healthier and lose some kilos. It's not going very well, but heck I ended up with a bowl of pretty good dinner so meh. Recipe for the salmon pasta here.
Or you can just look at my ugly handwriting (I'm working on it! You should see my left-handed script) on the cutesy letter paper instead.
Sliced onions. I'm a messy cook.

Salmon! I'm a wimp have a thing against touching the silvery skin, heck, I still cringe when there's plastic in between it and my fingers! It's okay, I got the bones out eventually.
Cook my pretties!
So I walked out of coles, only to realise I still forgot to buy peas and threw in random ingredients to compensate instead. That included zucchini, celery and carrots.
My carpet. Otherwise, ze end product!

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