Monday, October 29, 2012

Snag Stand

Snag Stand
Cnr Latrobe And Swanston St

Sitting on an elevated yellow seat and hopelessly dripping horseradish mayo all over my hands, lunch was a gourmet affair. The beef &horseradish option looks comparatively less lethal with its innocent sprinkling of spring onion and blushing beetroot relish, but it's still very much a challenge in trying to eat cleanly. 

The poppyseed roll was soft and crisp, doing a very good job of containing the inner explosion. Dear wagyu is juicy and pleasantly tame in sodium levels, a stark contrast to the potency of horseradish mayo. No, it doesn't ask for a tearful sacrifice, it just hangs around and prominently, though non-violently, makes its presence known. 

While there weren't massive blunders with anything, as a whole I just couldn't taste the harmony. That said, I'm still eyeing that chilli dog.

After kneeling (nope, that's how I normally sit) and contemplating for a full minute, I've decided to dedicate this post to a cute kid whose catchphrase involves what I had for lunch. Maybe he'll see it when he's older, and hopefully crack a smile if he figures it out.
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  1. Have you seen the new U shaped Hotdog Bun invented in Australia by Innies