Monday, October 1, 2012

Shou Sumiyaki

Shou Sumiyaki
160 Little Bourke St, CBD

Feeling very apologetic to one of my better liked restaurants for taking so long to blog about them. Even when I have gotten round to it, the photos are substandard, scarce, and hardly a fair testament to why it's such a fine place.

It's a sleek, cool place that follows a lovely blue and brown theme. As you first enter you'll note the shelf of alcohol to the side.There's a bar further up ahead which also serves as a waiting area on their busier nights, chat to your company and/or observe the bartender whipping up cocktails (based on prior experience, it's not recommended). Parallel is a row of booths and a larger area at the back where you can go shoe-less and seat yourself upon little blue cushions.   

On this occasion it was another quarterly catch up with J. We've both been here once, enjoyed it, and randomly decided to return as we stormed up Chinatown, looking for a place to silence the cries of hunger from our whimpering stomachs.
Cold sake, described as sweet. Its name slips my mind, something beginning with 'K' and being the third one down on the given list. We were allowed to choose our cups - unexpected, but cute.
Crab croqettes. 4 crispy pieces with blots of creamy, tangy mayo. Tangled radish detracts from the heaviness afterwards.
Premium wagyu ($26) Methinks the chef neglected the separate the 7th piece as it came trailing with a 'tail' haha. Otherwise, we were instructed to cook it for 15 seconds, though it's still up to your preference. See that marbled fat, grill and place the succulent piece upon your palate. Feel how tender it is, how easily it gives away as you begin to chew the succulent flesh and it oozes natural flavour (I'm sorry there's only a picture of it in its raw state ^^;) 
Ignore what you see in the above picture, initially they had confused our order and given us pork belly instead, but switched it for the pork scotch afterwards.

A tray of flavour enhancers are presented. BBQ sauce for beef, something else for chicken, salt, and sweet chilli sauce for pork. The pork was alot firmer and not nearly as supple given its lesser fat percentage. It did, however, go well with the chilli sauce.

To note: Portions are on the daintier, dearer side, so by the time you leave, your wallet is likely to have lot a bit of weight. Otherwise, service was very friendly as usual, adding to the positive experience.

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