Monday, October 29, 2012

Snag Stand

Snag Stand
Cnr Latrobe And Swanston St

Sitting on an elevated yellow seat and hopelessly dripping horseradish mayo all over my hands, lunch was a gourmet affair. The beef &horseradish option looks comparatively less lethal with its innocent sprinkling of spring onion and blushing beetroot relish, but it's still very much a challenge in trying to eat cleanly. 

The poppyseed roll was soft and crisp, doing a very good job of containing the inner explosion. Dear wagyu is juicy and pleasantly tame in sodium levels, a stark contrast to the potency of horseradish mayo. No, it doesn't ask for a tearful sacrifice, it just hangs around and prominently, though non-violently, makes its presence known. 

While there weren't massive blunders with anything, as a whole I just couldn't taste the harmony. That said, I'm still eyeing that chilli dog.

After kneeling (nope, that's how I normally sit) and contemplating for a full minute, I've decided to dedicate this post to a cute kid whose catchphrase involves what I had for lunch. Maybe he'll see it when he's older, and hopefully crack a smile if he figures it out.
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Hot Stuff

 Emerges from my oven. Picnic with the gang, I came up with meatballs (Water chestnuts squee!)
Our house is lacking in sweets. So I rolled about the carpet agonising, then made brownies. They're not lookers, but I've leftovers to share :)

Today, has been the most productive day in weeks. Spending my lunch money on irrelevant books - this is how I lose weight (I kid).

Current read: The Story of Yiddish
I wonder what my future bookcase will look like?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Beginning of the End

Reflections. By now, it's been almost 5 months since my perception first distorted itself and began to see him in a different light. Further discussion and 'fangirling' occurred two weeks ago at

2 Pocket Fairtrade
277 Lt. Lonsdale Street, CBD

Nice place to relax, if only they served some sweet treats. Latte was good.
Middle Fish
Someone on Berkeley Street, Carlton

Ah the first time I was here, was also a pity considering I was missing out. 

You can probably tell this is just a lazy post, so I won't bother looking up the name for this chicken salad.

Pork curry. Those are not 'seasonal vegetables' and the curry was served Lukewarm. Pork was nice though, and was slipping from the bone.

Somewhere near the end of Lt. Collins Street

We got a photobook and it'll essentially be detailing our favourite places that we've visited over the last 8 or so months. Something along the lines of a legacy I suppose, and of all the people it could be going to, we're leaving it in the tentative hands of a hundred or so. 

Beef curry and fried tofu salad. Still salty, but still wonderful. I still prefer the potato salad.

Some sort of curry and potato salad.

Time runs on and pesters me to come. 
But I refuse to follow
and ignore its passing.

Last book I read: Onstage, Offstage

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sourdough Kitchen

Sourdough Kitchen
172 Victoria Street, Seddon

Way to start the weekend. Slept in and now I'm down with a cold ;~; The just as sickly weather makes me feel better about it though, ^^v Thursday was a breakfast stop at Seddon, as a motivator to study. Its effectiveness varies, but I did get somewhere :) 

Avocado with pumpkin toast & Meredith feta ($11)
Mother liked the toast very much, and we left with a large loaf of it in hand.

Poached eggs served in Mexican tomato rice with guacamole, sour cream & roasted chilli salsa ($15.50)
This gets the MD (Mother-Daughter) tick of approval. Ingredients can be so caring as they help each other with what they're missing, and teamwork results in yummy dishes! Two slices of toasted sourdough well drizzled in olive oil, and a very cute pan holding the star of the meal. Chopped onions alleviated the palate from the strong taste of tomato, and firmer kidney beans created more variety in texture.  The combination of firm egg white, golden runny yolk, avo and salsa/relish are such a tantalising team. 
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Father's Office

Father’s Office
249 Lt. Lonsdale Street

Being a cheap person I was determined on making it to Father’s Office prior to the end of their opening promotion, and managed to on the ending Sunday.
We turned up at around 5.30 and head straight for the balcony, stopping shortly to examine the 'bookshelf' along the staircase (it's pretty cool). A third of the way through Spring, but the chilly weather can still fool me into thinking it's Winter, other than how bright it still was.
The view. While we're here, thanks to L for running around taking pictures of all the non-food stuffs.
From left to right: 
Westside Rider, South Side Swing and Daisy Duke.

No idea what that last glass was, but we were told to mix it with the SSS if we got bored. Mental note says I didn't like the Westside Rider, but the other two were good.

PORK & FENNEL SAUSAGES drowned in pear cider, smashed red potatoes and caramelised onion
Don't you think that's a very nice shade of blue? Sorry, you were probably looking at something else. Anywho, these were damn good and juicy, thanks very much to the pear cider. The relish was a bit 'meh' since they were fine enough on their own. My Asian side protested adding water chestnuts would have been nice too, just for texture xD
Creamed spinach
Taught me an invaluable lesson.
CERTIFIED BLACK ANGUS APPLE & BEEF BURGER pattie with beer battered fries
It paled in comparison to the sausages since the pattie was alot drier. The bun was also a bit grainy and far from fluff-ay. Chips were good though, light and crisp.
Digging in.
Eventually the wind blew, the temperature dropped and I was freezing -.- We eventually migrated indoors and took over a couch each. Yes we're greedy.
Ze 'fireplace'. It won't warm you up in the slightest considering the flames are actually on a screen, but hey, it was a nice touch.
Sunday night crowd.
Some massive decorations with the chandelier and disco ball. I'm not sure how to describe the place, other than this is far from what my father's office ever looked like.
I have a lousy tolerance for alcohol, or maybe it was just my massive sleep deprivation on the day, but by this time I was feeling incredibly sleepy and I've no idea what these were. 
But I'll try my best to stay awake if it's for dessert.
L had a red velvet cake. It had been chilled and was thick and dense, but tasted very dull. Something about the combined texture of the cake and icing just didn't feel right.
Dark chocolate ganache with a Cointreau cream.
Thick and creamy, not as sweet as other ‘dark chocolate’ ones I’ve had either :3
Baked Cheesecake. Funny thing, I swear this was gelatine based .__. Unfortunately this didn't make it to my mental list of favourites.
L's final drink - dulce le leche? - at Father's Office.
Pop in and do see your Father soon.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Wants: Salmon Pasta and a side of Pug

My vague attempt to start eating healthier and lose some kilos. It's not going very well, but heck I ended up with a bowl of pretty good dinner so meh. Recipe for the salmon pasta here.
Or you can just look at my ugly handwriting (I'm working on it! You should see my left-handed script) on the cutesy letter paper instead.
Sliced onions. I'm a messy cook.

Salmon! I'm a wimp have a thing against touching the silvery skin, heck, I still cringe when there's plastic in between it and my fingers! It's okay, I got the bones out eventually.
Cook my pretties!
So I walked out of coles, only to realise I still forgot to buy peas and threw in random ingredients to compensate instead. That included zucchini, celery and carrots.
My carpet. Otherwise, ze end product!

Shou Sumiyaki

Shou Sumiyaki
160 Little Bourke St, CBD

Feeling very apologetic to one of my better liked restaurants for taking so long to blog about them. Even when I have gotten round to it, the photos are substandard, scarce, and hardly a fair testament to why it's such a fine place.

It's a sleek, cool place that follows a lovely blue and brown theme. As you first enter you'll note the shelf of alcohol to the side.There's a bar further up ahead which also serves as a waiting area on their busier nights, chat to your company and/or observe the bartender whipping up cocktails (based on prior experience, it's not recommended). Parallel is a row of booths and a larger area at the back where you can go shoe-less and seat yourself upon little blue cushions.   

On this occasion it was another quarterly catch up with J. We've both been here once, enjoyed it, and randomly decided to return as we stormed up Chinatown, looking for a place to silence the cries of hunger from our whimpering stomachs.
Cold sake, described as sweet. Its name slips my mind, something beginning with 'K' and being the third one down on the given list. We were allowed to choose our cups - unexpected, but cute.
Crab croqettes. 4 crispy pieces with blots of creamy, tangy mayo. Tangled radish detracts from the heaviness afterwards.
Premium wagyu ($26) Methinks the chef neglected the separate the 7th piece as it came trailing with a 'tail' haha. Otherwise, we were instructed to cook it for 15 seconds, though it's still up to your preference. See that marbled fat, grill and place the succulent piece upon your palate. Feel how tender it is, how easily it gives away as you begin to chew the succulent flesh and it oozes natural flavour (I'm sorry there's only a picture of it in its raw state ^^;) 
Ignore what you see in the above picture, initially they had confused our order and given us pork belly instead, but switched it for the pork scotch afterwards.

A tray of flavour enhancers are presented. BBQ sauce for beef, something else for chicken, salt, and sweet chilli sauce for pork. The pork was alot firmer and not nearly as supple given its lesser fat percentage. It did, however, go well with the chilli sauce.

To note: Portions are on the daintier, dearer side, so by the time you leave, your wallet is likely to have lot a bit of weight. Otherwise, service was very friendly as usual, adding to the positive experience.

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Jantra Thai Restaurant

Jantra Thai Restaurant
9 Ashley Street, Braybrook

Large spacey area. They're open for breakfast too and serve coffee, which was, on this occasion, burnt. Nevermind, we were here for lunch, and lunch we judged.

Mother had steamed fish fillets served with stir fried vegetables and ginger,(18.80) with a side of coconut rice (3.80 w00! Kinda gluggy though.) Firm flesh, moderately crunchy veggies. Another case of ‘nothing particularly wrong, but nothing particularly standoutish either’. Let’s call it NPWBNPSE from now on. Bets on how quickly I forget it? I kid. I am a kid. I’m a young old person.

I ordered a lunch special, deep fried fish fillet with sweet and sour sauce (9.80). Hurh…would have liked more sauce, it was quite clogged with solids. Pineapple was obscenely sour and I found the tomatoes too heavy and overwhelming, so eventually I slipped the layer off and filled up on fish and rice. 

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Current read: Through the Language Glass by Guy Deutscher
So I can fool myself into thinking that I'm actually studying -.-