Sunday, September 23, 2012


Sometimes I find myself being unable to paste a string of words together and create a coherent sentence, so instead, I throw keywords at whoever I'm speaking to and leave them to try and figure it out. You're right, it doesn't work well, so these pictures come annotated ^^v

Mid Autumn Festival @ Box Hill. Popcorn chicken in the last image, sweet crispy pops of mildly juicy chicken, smelling what I later learnt to be five spice powder.
Elceed 610 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne

Brunch with L. She had her breakfast crumble which she didn't enjoy at all. Pity, they make some nice corn fritters, even if it takes them a while to get the food served.

Ah here they are. $16.50 for some fat corn fritters, salmon (though very salty), avocado, tomato relish, cream cheese and rocket topped with a bit of pesto. Ah such a wondrous dish, though admittedly not as crisp as the initial visit.
Beef sukiyaki from some japanese place on Collins street. The name of the building escapes me ^^;

The card collection grows.
Dessert Story on Swanston Street
Fruit avalanche on shaved ice. Really I'm paying $8.50 for chopped fruit, then I hack at the ice as I chat to friends. Took them a damn while to get it out though, the other table who ordered the same thing got their's within 5 minutes of ordering.

Beef lasagna, a combined effort
Yes, I suck at plating up.

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