Sunday, September 16, 2012

Celebrate. Eat. Reflect.

Badger and Hawk

333 La Trobe Street, CBD

One of my favourite places to go for a coffee. With the exception of one occasion, it's 'always' tremendously thick and creamy and has a wonderful smell. Why have I not eaten here yet?

It shall be the next target. Unless I find corn fritters.

Mr. Hive Kitchen & Bar
8 Whitman Street, Southbank 

Family dinner. Much reflection to be done.
Steamed Alaskan king crab legs/corn bread/coleslaw/Marie-Rose ($16)
Such spikes..they frighten me. It's listed under the 'to share' section of the menu, but descriptions hint nothing about portions. Mother didn't think the legs were particularly great: dry, lacking in flavour.
Crispy little pig ($18)
How cute. Watermelon cubes, celery bits and some other pickled vegetables I don't think I ended up identifying... Pork was indeed as described though sauce was overly salty. Watermelon tasted like it was left outside of the fridge for too long so it developed that 'furry' exterior. I guess I liked this more for the range of textures, from the crisp shell of the pork to its softer innards, the more resistant veggies to the crunchy celery and brittle crackling. It's a party.
Slow cooked Marlborough King salmon/crab/sweet corn ($34)
Pan fried snapper/smoked egg/wild greens ($32)
Sharing for two: Roasted pheasant/heritage apples/parsnip chips ($60)
Dry. The sauce really just slipped off ^^; Apples were bittersweet, much of the bitterness having mellowed out once I smeared it over the pheasant. 
Ricotta cheesecake/yuzu/ginger/nuts/seeds ($16)
Overall, I thought it was secondary to the one at Henry and the Fox. Ricotta had that uncomfortable feeling associated with excess gelatine, yuzu was fine with its distinct tartness once mixed with the cheese. Crushed pistachios provided its characteristic crunch to contrast with the biscuit. I have no recollection of any ginger, and the sorbet was a mistake. While it provided a nice cool touch, you don’t take a break from sour yuzu by having more of it ^^; Compare that to Henry and the Fox, where the sorbet wiped the passionfruit from the palate before it became too much, and I’d be eager to repeat the process of ‘cheesecake, sorbet, cheesecake, sorbet..’
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Brown’s Bakery

28 Pratt Street, Moonee Ponds

Pass on the coffee, but cheesecake was very dense and creamy with a strong lemon flavour. Sweet enough so I couldn’t taste the currants, but their juicy texture was still nice :)

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