Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Mess Hall

The Mess Hall
51 Bourke Street
Melbourne CBD

SotM breakfast, can't remember why. Ah well, when it comes to eating out, any reason is a good excuse. To the right is L's usual flat white, received favourably. Points off for not giving me a bottle of water/refilling my glass though (A little pedantic. Hush!)

L's ricotta pancakes with poached fruit ($14.50).  I believe it tasted of citrus. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to take to sweet stuff for breakfast well ^^;

Corn fritters ($13.5). Once I see them on the menu, decisions just become so much easier to make. Otherwise, crisp and peppery, leaning a tad over to excess batter. Dollop of cream cheese was a winner,as, and always is, avocado.

Bit of a discussion as to what was underneath the avocado though. I though sweet potato, but could be wrong. Either way, it was sweet and tasty. Go for it :)

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