Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fifty-Six Threads

Fifty-Six Threads
56 Derby Street, Kensington

If it weren't for the Melbourne Hot Spots guide, I wouldn't have found out about this place. Fifty-Six refers to their location, and threads "represents the cultural and social fabric that makes up the neighbourhood". Read more about them here.

 Pizza with chorizo, feta, olives and rocket. It's good, in the sense that while I wouldn't go out of my way just for it again, there were no nasty surprises to be unveiled. Chorizo wasn't too spicy either, so those with an aversion to hot food would be able to take this.

Mother made he better choice this time round, with a vegetarian falafel wrap. The toasted pita held a filling of fresh mixed salad and little warm spheres of felafel - lovely and crunchy exterior withholding a fluffy interior. It's been a while since something relatively healthy ^^;

Contemporary setting. Lots of geometric shapes; we had a pentagonal table, and look at the lights! Plenty of natural light too, with the long windows.

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