Thursday, August 30, 2012

Twenty Six Letters of Which I Chose Four

Twenty & Six Espresso
594 Queensberry Street
North Melbourne

It's another revisit post! (See me) I've been doing that quite alot lately, guess I'm beginning to tire of the hurry to cross off all those places on the wishlist. The large Sunday brunch crowd has always been a huge deterrent, but we finally braved them and put our names down on the waitlist. We were told wait time would be 45 minutes, though thankfully we only waited a third of that :D

They've ruined me. This. Hot chocolate. My expectations were fulfilled, and will never come down ever again.  Lusciously thick, it glides smoothly down your throat, leaving you with a warm fuzzy feeling…of sadness (Why did I not try you sooner during winter ;___; Parting is such sweet sorrow m’dear.)
Chai latte. What is chai? All I took away from this was the scent of mixed spice. On an unrelated note, I really like the cup and saucer. Without the handle, I was free to grip the cup in both hands and breathe in the fragrance, and mint is a lovely colour ^^
Tuna steak with potato and wasabi mash! Wasabi is a cunning little basard that works its way through, then back out the nostrils causing a comical flaring sensation and picture. Dabbing it in soy sauce helps.
Tokyo salad featuring stars like  soba and chicken. While I love the texture of sesame seeds, when scattered it reminds me too much of ants ^^; Too much sesame oil for me, so I eventually switched dishes with Mother.
What I've learnt from this second visit, is that I adore this place for more superficial reasons ^^; Food wise, I'm more inclined to return for sweet treats ie. hot chocolate and sweet loaf.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Mess Hall

The Mess Hall
51 Bourke Street
Melbourne CBD

SotM breakfast, can't remember why. Ah well, when it comes to eating out, any reason is a good excuse. To the right is L's usual flat white, received favourably. Points off for not giving me a bottle of water/refilling my glass though (A little pedantic. Hush!)

L's ricotta pancakes with poached fruit ($14.50).  I believe it tasted of citrus. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to take to sweet stuff for breakfast well ^^;

Corn fritters ($13.5). Once I see them on the menu, decisions just become so much easier to make. Otherwise, crisp and peppery, leaning a tad over to excess batter. Dollop of cream cheese was a winner,as, and always is, avocado.

Bit of a discussion as to what was underneath the avocado though. I though sweet potato, but could be wrong. Either way, it was sweet and tasty. Go for it :)

Second of Many

Literature lane

Yep. Just going to keep going back until I try everything on their menu. I'm a sucker for steamed buns, and these ones I can't complain about. Pillow-y bun, meat that pulls away with the barest tug and crunchy crunchy peanuts? This little guy is perfection <3 p="p">

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Mind is A Wonderland. My Mind is A Horror Movie.

This. Is going to be one long catch up post.

Dessert Story
Funny how despite not being a fan of the place, I continue to return. It's like getting ice cream at Maccas I guess - maybe not the best ice cream you'll ever have, but it satisfies.

This was on Sunday. Two friends. Two colds. One plate of shaved ice and ice cream, topped with assorted fruits for needed Vitamin C. It's good to have a balanced diet.

Gardiner and Field
Armadale, I'm jealous. As if you were lacking in good cafes, now you've got Gardiner and Field too and I'm sitting at home staring at distasteful packets of instant coffee ==

 Mint is starting to grow on me. It's such a lovely colour and exudes much friendliness :) Latte wasn't too strong, but good in a 'I wouldn't mind another cup' way.

L's rhubarb tacos. Tried a bit, discovered my dislike for rhubarb.
Barley with pomegranate, rocket, toasted almonds and orange slices.

Healthiest meal I've had all year. Also one of the longest considering how long it took to chew ^^; Otherwise, I liked the salad. Almonds are a love of mine and provided a crunch whereas the pomegranate gems coloured each forkful with a delightfully sweet-sour tinge.

L's rather delighted at how the places we've been to lately are staffed with eye candy xD

Literature lane
Food adventures teach me to be patient. Since they opened at 8am, I had spare time to kill and dropped off at Badger & Hawk for a morning coffee (so very creamy), before doing some light reading at MC and coincidentally met K. She had a meeting in the morning though, so this venture was a solo one.
Directions: From Swanston street, turn left into Little La Trobe street where you'll soon hit a laneway labelled as Literature lane. Smack bang in front of you, you can't miss it, especially with the little wooden letters sitting on the ledge, declaring you've found some wonderful steamed buns.

Being so close to MC, it means I'll no longer have to deal with hurriedly heated instant types in the microwave, with their dried out skins and soggy bases ^^;
This isn't the greatest food porn you've seen and I'm sure I can hear screams of 'take it off!' Sorry to tickle your tastebuds but I was an idiot and took these photos with the buns fully 'clothed' ^^;

I had a Char Siu Bao (pork bun), a Choi bao (vegetable bun) and a hot soya bean drink. The steamed buns are delightfully soft and fluffy. The fillings are comparatively less, but considering it's the CBD, I think it's understandable. The flavours are quite mild too, so the pork isn't a salty adventure. Choi bao smelt strongly of mushrooms. Funny how I hate the fungus but choi baos continue to be one of my favourites o__O

 The soyabean is only slightly sweet. Just right for my tastes :)

Crossley street

Friday night without a booking. We were rejected by four places until we finally struck gold with Gingerboy. Pretty bar with its many bottles and striking coloured liquids.

Salt and pepper chicken spare ribs with green tea sauce. Salt overboard.
Pork Belly. Tender with a thin piece of crackling. Not overly rich, and supported by sweet chilli sauce and crunchy vegetables.
Grilled lamb in la lot leaves. 
So good. So so good. I realise that says nothing xD The lamb is very juicy and an explosion of flavour. Water chestnuts add to the amount of juice and texture wise works brilliantly.

Virginia Plain
31 Flinders street, CBD

We arrived late on opening night to discover an amazingly large space before us, the kitchen fitted at the back and to the left side, an impressively long bar. With its dim lighting but blaring music, it had a great casual atmosphere and clean, interesting aesthetics.
T's earl grey tea. Very cute tea pot.
Hot chocolate. Taken purely because it was like an ink blot. I saw a woman with long hair while L and T  saw a woman with her child.
The swirled, contrasting shades of my latte (and the two after that one) were pretty.
L's much loved apple tart received repeated praise.
Mandarin cheesecake, deconstructed.
Chocolate fondant with milk ice cream.
Can't go wrong with this one. Dainty and pretty with I-can't-remember-what dots and a careful trail of biscuit crumbs, the chocolate sauce that oozes from the delectable cake is deadly. I need seconds.

Amazing staff. The type of people who'd be interesting to get to know because of how friendly and casual they were completed the package. I daresay Virginia Plain has a future as the champion of my favourites list to where I'll continually make excuses to visit. 

I've still got my eye on that Beef Wellington ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seddon Deadly Sins

Seddon Deadly Sins
148 Victoria St, Seddon

Good advice I need to take onboard. You too :P
The man was very helpful! After gesturing to the chalkboard where all the specials were written down, I revealed that I hadn't brought my glasses and couldn't read them, to where he proceeded to recite them all the specials out. Muchly appreciated xD

This was mother's filo pastry case, contents including sausage and assorted types of mushrooms (there was enoki too!)

Seems like 'Wrath' (baked eggs) is the sin I'm most guilty of haha!
In that case, the dish is aptly named, the tomato sauce looks vaguely like blood boiling :P Chorizo is always hard to turn down, so this item agreed with me.

No space for cheesecake this time! But should you hop over to SDS, I'd recommend you to help yourself to one ;D

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


77 Charles street

Ah, exploration brings such joy to my heart! Yesterday was a leisurely walk around the South Melbourne area documented elsewhere, and Saturdays are beginning to stand out as when we get to know Seddon - plus those amazing organic fuji apples at Pompello, listen to that crunch!

Friendly staff greeted us at the door and showed us to our table. The cushions on the seat closest to the wall were made from some sacks and plants sat in threaded 'hammocks', suspended from the ceiling.
Padre Coffee. Not one of my favourites, but still creamy. And, well, I finally had my wish granted. My latte was served in a pretty coloured cup and saucer (I shan't discuss preferred colour combinations here), though interestingly enough, there was this odd feeling of unfamiliarity. Of not having a transparent cup gripped firmly in hand, and acknowledging the side grooves. Huh.
Something simple today. Some of the rocket was yellowing :/ Poached eggs were good though, helped by the smear of relish hiding beneath. I'm not familiar with pancetta, is it particularly expensive? There were four slices in total.

Mother seemed happy with the mushrooms, piled high above the plate. Despite being over three times my age, she's still easily amused/impressed, this time by the precision of the sliced avocado. You should have seen her when she discovered marshmallows, and spent a quiet afternoon twirling the gooey pillow above an open kitchen flame.

  Such a friendly, welcoming environment :)

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Sunshine lollipops, and, (steaksandwichesandreallynicerelishandfruittoastandhotchocolateandcoffeeandmuffinslookparataxisandfreebiscuits) rainbows.

A little catchup post on what's made it down the throat for Sunday brunch and Wednesday afternoon.

Remember me?

I got photos of a part of the interior this time :D I love that, the two times I've come here in winter, both days were sunny and joyous. It's hard not to feel uplifted by that warm towel of sunshine. You'll know what I'm talking about when you get there~
 Hot chocolate, possibly my first in several years. Very milky. But hey, free marshmallow!
Mother's fruit toast. There's something so beautiful about the presentation. It evokes a very..homely feel.
Open steak sandwich (19.50). Love that relish.

Seven Oz
(Corner Queen street * A'Beckett street)
Walnut muffin. Studded on the outside, but empty on the in.
Coffee. Veeeeeery milky. Better for the kidneys though.
Complimentary biscuits. How kind ^^

Monday, August 13, 2012

65 Degrees

65 Degrees
309 Exhibition St
Breakfast with my pseudo parents, or at least, pseudo mother and a fatherly figure.

Numero cinque,
 This is the second time that I've knowingly tried Gridlock coffee, which doesn't seem to agree with me, so I'll refrain from any further judgement.

 Eggs Benedict

Omelette. Apparently very filling with an extra slice of bread hiding underneath.
Corn fritters with poached eggs, spinach and avocado
Hmm... they aren't the best I've had. The fritters were more like pancakes and had too much batter. I'm not too picky about my poached eggs, but if we're going to be strict, they were cooked for too long and parts of the yolk had started to cook, while the relish had a much larger ratio of sauce than to vegetables.

Maybe I walked in with expectations that were far too high.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


500 Victoria Street
North Melbourne

Spontaneously decided to eat out on a Saturday with no bookings, Red Spice Road was fully booked out. As was Aspro Ble. Didn't realise that Japanese down Hardware lane was closed either, and finally opted for Libertine, since the parents were keen on trying truffles.

We ordered a mixture of specials and items from the menu, so excuse me when the descriptions seem vague.

Complimentary entree. Crispbread with a generous smear of pork belly & liver pate. Personally I dislike the pervading aftertaste of pate, its density and characteristic of overstaying its welcome on the palate.

Braised goat with winter root vegetables, for two + shaved truffles, from Western Australia I believe. Tried a fork of the goat which was lusciously tender and minimal odour. Juices didn't seem to have seeped unto the inner sections though, making it rather bland.

I assure you it's unintentional, but I don't seem to like 'gourmet foods'. General dislike of seafood cuts out a major portion of the list alone, pate as previously mentioned, and now truffles. I thought it smelled like chlorine! Pungent, though not quite sharp to the olfactory sense.

Black angus eye fillet, medium rare. Could definitely detect the wine in the sauce.

Goat's curd and lemon cheesecake

Caramel souffle and pistachio ice cream. Fluffy, though a teensy bit grainy.

Dark Chocolate and prunes clafoutis. Not sure what a typical one is like, but this one had three large prune hiding beneath the surface. Reomve them and there isn't much chocolate left. Shortbread was dry, not too buttery  (but healthier?). Not sure as to what the sauce was - it was quite viscous, and bittersweet.