Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thien An - Le Bangkok - Brunetti's

Thien An
32 Irving St

Just casually making a fool of myself by thinking the place was closed and standing awkwardly at the door. Nope, that door is just a little heavier than most >>"
 Fried Rice with Minced Beef ($10)
It's enhanced, typical food court fried rice. The description doesn't lie and it doesn't disappoint..because there weren't any expectations to begin with. As I've been brought up to believe, the reason beef has that same soft yet flavourless characteristic in alot of asian restaurants is because it's first soaked in soda water. So texture wise, the vegetables offered a bit of crunch - fine. No beefy flavours though.

Le Bangkok
195 Lonsdale St 
Melbourne CBD

Sunday lunch. We went from Pappa Rich to Pacific Seafood BBQ House, both of which were full and had queues, to the near empty 'Le Bangkok'. 
Cadbury Old Gold colour combination. A sign that I've been having too much chocolate for my own good >>
Som Tum ($11.90)
 Everyone has different preferences for seasoning, and the papaya salad here just happened to match that of Mother's, much to her delight. Her one problem with it was that they used green beans instead of asparagus beans (which is also a great ingredient in fried rice :D). As for myself, I prefer the papaya to be freshly made so there's more crunch.
Don't you think the plate looks a bit like an egg split in half?
Slow cooked beef curry ($12.90)
Curry was well sweetened by the coconut milk and imparted its flavour onto the tender beef.  I love that nuts feature in many Thai dishes :) Provides a great crunchy break from all the softer foods. More rice to balance out the main would have been good, but nonetheless it's still a satisfying dish, taste and portion wise.
Stir fried chicken with vegetables and cashews($13.90)
 Again, Mother enjoyed her dish and made a point of declaring hers to be superior to mine :P The chicken was really oily but its sweetness temporarily pushes away that thought ^^;

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Afternoon tea for home. I figured these little guys would be gone soon after we returned, so I snapped as soon as we were in the car (photoscape shut down on me and I couldn't blur the bg == But hey, natural light?)

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