Sunday, July 1, 2012

Queen Victoria Market ~ ❅ ~ Seoul Restaurant

Queen Victoria Market (Delicatessen)
It's been a year since I was here, and that time we were running around recording prices of different produce (it was a project) as opposed to checking out what treats the market had on offer

Not sure what the exact names of the coffee stands are, but there's one inside - I think it was in shed K or J? - and another between the two sides of the market. The latter did a better job (as suspected by the length of the queue!) with the comparatively thick and creamy foam <3
Massive for a macaron. I can't say I wasn't expecting the poor quality xD
Beef and onion pastry looking like a deadly parasite
Macaron stack #3: SIX. HAH. NEW RECORD.

Seoul Restaurant
369 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne CBD

Seoul Restaurant is one of the many places that I've walked past plenty of times, but have never felt inclined to dine at. The exterior doesn't quite jump out at you, or scream anything along the lines of interesting and tasty, but that's just being superficial. Today was a fluke, since the gang didn't know Shanghai Street Dumpling was closed, and SR won the chance to prove itself.
Rather homely decor, though the vending machine, among other aspects, looks especially out of place ^^;
Apparently I looked tourist-y for snapping pictures of the room. I thought the coloured flags were pretty!
 I didn't do the ordering for this meal so didn't have a clue what we were eating, but it was still damn obvious this dish contained a fair share of seafood *shivers* Pass!
 Some sort of beef stew. Couldn't reach it, another pass ._.
 Pretty sure this was deep fried sweet chilli chicken. Not bad at all, I liked! Chicken wasn't overly oily and onions just ticked over to cooked, so no tears streaming down the eyes and plenty more crunch :D

  Price: $56.40 (+3 bowls of rice)
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