Saturday, June 2, 2012

Papa Goose

Papa Goose
91-93 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000 

The last stop in our six hour food and drink marathon. At 6pm, we seemed to be the first customers of the night - that is, until we went upstairs and found Loose Goose (the bar) relatively filled. Another time perhaps~
Three days later and I'm still salivating for that cauliflower soup, served in its dainty tea cup.  Heavy, but not overwhelming in flavour. On a cold winter's night, this gave some much needed warmth. While it was complimentary, I'd return just for this cutie :P
Scotch fillet with red wine jus. Seasoning overload. The first bite sent shivers down my spine, it was that briny! Took a long time to get through, so eventually I just soaked it in the juice and let the bitterness take over instead. 
 L's Roasted duck. The absence of its usual odour was surprising.
Didn't stay for dessert I'm afraid D: I'd come back just to sample their vanilla cheesecake, but definitely not for more steak.

Total: About $110 (+a glass of wine and cider)

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