Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nama Nama

Nama Nama
31 Spring Street, Melbourne
Melbourne CBD

There's a noticeable trend in the cafes I've been to recently, whether it's small water glasses with cartoon designs, fun sized wooden furniture or recycling crates for other practical usage.

Newly opened Nama Nama captures all of these features. Seated on the tri-legged wooden stools, we bade mondayitis goodbye with coffees and said hello to the new week.
Aish. It's freezing.
Still some renovations going on in the backroom, hence the power tools. Otherwise, you've got this bizarre juxtaposition between child sized stools and low tables, reminiscent of the kindie years, and a sizeable array of alcohol in a glass display case. It's strangely appealing, to the inner drinker and the side of me with a soft spot for adorable items.
Asahi beer crates to stand the table on
L's flat white ($4) in a ceramic glass
A deep frown at the excess foam crowning the coffee (to the coffee educated, it's Market Lane beans). She also noted an underlying 'sourness' to it, so is that what's meant by acidity? Someone help me out here xD
The agony after taking so many photos and having each one blur ==
 L and I both had breakfast bentos ($15) which included an onigiri, a surprise, pickled vegetables and fruit salad served in a hollowed orange half.
I'm one of those people who needs a lot of rice to balance out all the condiments. So, much as the rice ball was cute, I would have preferred more to combat the egg, salmon and especially the pickled vegetables ^^;

As lovely as it all looked, I don't have much praise for it. Nothing particularly stood out seeing as it's all basic ingredients, so I'm reserving further judgement until a future lunchtime trip.
Points for offering tea from Lupicia and being in close walking distance from Parliament/a tram from Flinders street. They have a special membership offer where you can take home one of their bento boxes for a day and bring it back for a $1 discount off another bento. It's a good incentive, and I can already picture the lunchtime businessmen crowd..

July 2nd 
That lunchtime businessmen crowd? I walked past on Friday afternoon and it was packed, with a few unlucky ones waiting for a seat on the steps. This scene only served to reinforce my decision to turn up for a late lunch instead. So at 3pm, I had the entire bar area to myself :3 Not that I took the entire lot up of course.. 

I had to stick this photo here, look at the colours! When I was a kid I had  I have this toy rice cooker, and the colour scheme matches the exact shades of red, blue and yellow. Oh the memories of serving up plastic banquets and my grandfather making clucking noises as he drank the 'tea'~

You can't tell from the picture, but the bowl really looks like a perfectly halved egg shell and it's relatively deep. A modest portion.
Udon noodle soup, wagyu beef option ($15)
  Okay, the udon was really fun to eat. They have a great elastic property and the faster you slurp them up the greater they jump and dangle about. It's firm and perfect when served, and due to their thickness, it takes longer for it to soften so you've got a bit more time to finish it..not that you'd take that long. It's too good to savour at a moderate pace.

As to the beef, I don't think it matters whether it was wagyu or not. I'm comparing this to the humble pho as I write this since the beef is also sliced very thinly to achieve tenderness, so I wouldn't have minded a cheaper cut in exchange for more quantity.

Menu says the soup base is a 'Kanto-style broth'. I'm not going to pretend I know what that is, just that it was hot and briny; a real heartwarmer.
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