Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Little Mule Cycle Co. & Cafe

The Little Mule Cycle Co. & Cafe
19 Somerset Pl

 While I don't mind company, I tend to find solace in solitude. With L's wallet a little on the sickly, colourless side - yes, she's essentially the one person who I eat out with on a regular basis - I was alone on this walk down Somerset Place.

 Here a lane, there a lane, here a cafe, there a cafe...on the opposite side is Captains of Industry where you may shortly me at for breakfast :)

I've said this before but I'll reiterate: I don't know the specifics about coffee. I just preferred the latte at LBB.

I got to the empty room at around noon. If there's a lunch rush here, looks like I beat it :P

Roast beef baguette.

Actually I wanted the chicken and sweet potato stew they had on offer, but since I had already ordered coffee I decided a baguette would make a better pairing ^^; 

I've since learnt not to be too critical about the humble bread and its fillings (unless they've really screwed it up, which takes effort). The one standout about Little Mule's version was the smudge of horseradish that gave it some character, though I still prefer the more intense mustard and beef pairing <3

Otherwise, it was a nice experience. Coffee in one hand, baguette in the other and just letting myself drift off and the thoughts to buzz lazily about. Ah life!
Going back at least once more for some cooked food, so stay tuned!

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