Thursday, June 14, 2012

Le Miel et la lune - Von Haus

330 Cardigan street
If you know you'll be having a bad day, plan for a good meal.
If the day doesn't turn out too bad after all: eat anyway.
For the last few days I've basically been living on popcorn - and when that ran out, a batch of brownies - so to celebrate the end of cramming, what better else to do than to eat?
After reading up on Le Miel et la lune and obsessing over that adorable bear on their website, Wednesday was the first chance I got to visit the cafe.
A communal table out front, subject to plenty of natural light (when there is some), and extra seating in the back. this lighting isn't entirely natural, but hey, the overhead plants must account for something.
I almost felt cruel trodding on the cut out bear.
Maybe I've been getting used to the lattes @ LBB. This was really light.
Even if you hadn't read up on Le Miel beforehand, you can pretty much immediately tell the food incorporates some Asian aspects. For example, there's no patty in the beef burger, it's actually bulgogi. So instead of tomatoes being the main problem in softening the bread, the marinated beef was the culprit and eventually soaked its way through one side of the bun ^^; Overall, it wasn't quite to my tastes..
T's beef ragu
T: "What do I do with the cheese? ...Right."

See. Our brains have been overworked DX
Clockwise, from top left: White chocolate & Oreo cheesecake, flourless orange, lemon cheesecake and brownie
Forgive me for yet another tacky photo. The overhead one just happened to be the only one that didn't blur in the dim lighting.

Seeing as Le Miel was closing soon we got a $11 takeaway box of 4 different cakes to enjoy. The brownie was really dense. Question: why do you dust brownies with cocoa powder? I don't bother because I'm an idiot and tend to fly into a coughing fit from accidental inhalation.

Normally I'm a huge fan of cheesecakes, but I couldn't bring myself to finish this one. There was the prominent taste of egg yolk for some reason.

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Von Haus
1 Crossley street
Melbourne CBD
T's Duck Terrine.

Vegetable soup. Nothing spectacular. While it's nice to know they love their customers,  putting the bread in the soup is always a bad idea ^^;

Otherwise, the atmosphere at Von Haus was great. The interior was simple but lovely; some wooden furniture, another large communal table in the centre and an outstanding artwork on the wall. That and the shelves lined with bottles of wine.

But yes! It's a pleasantly casual space where, even in that small frame of time when you and your companions  stop with the talking and finally take a bite of food, you can unintentionally eavesdrop on some interesting conversation.

Oh and the place is dimly lit with little candles, so all around the room radiant orbs flicker and cast faint shadows. It's wonderful.

Among the topics we were discussing, we got to talking about lucid dreaming. It's an interesting concept which I've yet to attempt - anyone out there who's succeeded and would like to describe their experience?

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