Sunday, June 24, 2012

WE: Harajuku Crepes - ❅ - Pancake Parlour

I think this week was the last chance to book for the roast event at the Brunswick Cider House which has me bummed out D: My weekend wasn't bad though.

Saturday I met up with an old group of friends for a catch up session with a 'first time' for everyone.
The first time S went to those Asian photo booths and posed like a wide eyed Puss in Boots.
The first time E and L had Harajuku Crepes.
The first time I bought nail polish.
The first time we were all reunited outside of a classroom :)

Harajuku Crepes. Honestly I've never liked them, but just this once, under certain circumstances, I relived heart-wrenching-ly sweet cream and cheap chocolate sauce.
Shit dreams at Max Brenner.

Note that's only a testament to it's shape xD
Pancake Parlour. I don't know why they bother with that 2 for 1 short stack vouchers anymore since it hardly takes effort to get one. Might as well just change the prices on the menu and stop wasting paper .__.

And that was a ridiculous glop of butter. Fatteningly good, but it's going to take me a few years to burn off those calories ^^;

Anyway, that, an upcoming photo of brunch at Captains of Industry, analysing a Sammy J article and indulging in some Lano & Woodley videos was basically my weekend. Hope yours was as fun.

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