Saturday, June 16, 2012

Giraffe Cafe - La Belle Miette - Bread Kingdom

Giraffe Cafe
302 Little Lonsdale St
 I know I know...I complained and absolutely hated their brownies last time, so why in the world am I back here? Basically there are two other places where I post these photos, one of them being (of course) facebook (it's all I ever post). N, a friend who I don't see often requested that I take her there some day and, fast forward a few months when we managed to find some free time, we're here :) Joined by mutual friends E and M, we managed to secure the last table. Victory! :D
 E and N both had chicken pies

 Dumplings & Soba ($10) 
I really hated this soba. Even with the wakame it was so bland and almost slimy .___. There's not much filling in the dumplings either, but on the bright side, the dish leaves you some space for dessert (not necessarily from here) if it is desired :P
N's white chocolate
First E was sick. Then Mother was sick. Then L was sick. Actually, they're all still sick D;
I've been OD-ing on coffee lately so I'm occasionally plagued by kidney and/or sharp stomach pains, which was the reason for my truancy on Friday...then I remembered I still needed my books. As I was returning from the CBD I called the still unwell Mother if she wanted anything to which she declared 'sweet bread'...and the above photo are the spoils :)

La Belle Miette
30 Hardware Ln
I reaaaallly wanted to sit down for some ppc (pen, paper and coffee) pptm (pen, paper, tea and macarons) time, but all the tables were filled up TT
  Macaron stack! From top to bottom: Pistachio, dark chocolate, cherry blossom + sake and earl grey

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