Friday, June 29, 2012

All in a day's stuffing

Little King Cafe
I don't use umbrellas very often, so that downpour around 1pm left me looking like I decided to shower with my clothes on (oh the modesty..). The woman at LK didn't look too happy ^^;
Yes I have ugly hands.
 Not a bad coffee, just nothing distinctly memorable about it.
 Almond croissant. They, very kindly offered to heat it up for me. I had 10 seconds to savour its warmth and sneaked a bite, before I stepped back out into the rain and the heat very quickly dissipated ;____; Sweet, flaky and crunchy. Was a nice lunch/afternoon delight.

: $8.10

Manchester Press
 Prior to drinking coffee I always take a good, deep whiff of it first...makes me feel even more like a dog!

Coffees at MP have never put me in a state of awe, but they're certainly better than most. Coffee art is always something to take note of.
Yup. Back at Hopetoun for cake.

I don't think I'll ever be back again.

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