Monday, June 4, 2012

Mamasita - ❅ - Heirloom

Level 1, 11 Collins St

Urgh, lately I've been feeling reaaaaally lethargic, so I've left this post half done for almost a week (Wednesday 30th May). And by gosh Winter has really just bashed open the door that a weak knee-ed Autumn tried to keep closed for as long as possible - but he finally let go. A round of applause for rainy days :D ...and cancelled trains D:

Wednesday consisted of a 6 hour eating/drinking marathon, with Mamasita as the first stop. This may have been on my wishlist for several months, but since then I've added so many other places that it eventually got lost in the mix. That is, until I saw that tip jar @ LBB, with a cute note that the staff wanted to go to Mamasita. A worthy cause indeed :)

Rather wary of long queues and a lengthy waiting period, L & I ascended the narrow steps to a rather empty room at 2.30. Crowd avoided, yes!
Tortilla Chips with Guacamole..crunch crunch.
They're chips. So long as they're crunchy I'll just keep reaching for them. My childish side did like how fun it was just scooping the dip up though ^^;
Tostadita de Pollo
One bite wonders. I made the mistake of thinking there was no way I'd be able to have this in one gulp and had half the chicken first, to decrease the height of the stack. Salty, spicy, and was only during the second one that I managed to squish it into a single mouthful and marvelled at the combination of flavoursome chicken sandwiched between a crunchy frame. Now that I think about it, it was probably better that I only had one other acquaintance there - less people to witness my exaggerated cow-like chewing.
Citrus fruits and I - we used to get along fine and dandy. Then one day it squirted into my eye and I became vengeful (because abstaining from limes is going definitely going to hurt them).
I kid :P It's just been a while since lime that didn't come in bitters. We were still picking at the food so the corn must have softened during that time. Cheesy, a little peppery that nags at you from the back of the throat.
Taco de Pescado (grilled fish) and..something else DX


L's 2nd masterpiece...Dance of the Salted Tortilla Chips, and the Sticking of the Tongue.
Kinda conjures up an image of the Stonehenge. Of course, that's up to your own interpretation. Food art is arguably one of the best types of art ;D

 Total: About $50

To fill you in on the hours leading up to Papa Goose, which was our final destination, we took a short walk to Laurent at Collins Place and had a macaron each. Then discovered how shoddy they were at LBB. Standards just grew wings and launched itself out the window, taking off unto the skies~

Afterwards it turned out I had way too many glasses at Mamasita and was in dire need of the lavatory..which took us to Heirloom in time for happy hour (M-F 4.30 - ?) We spent a few minutes relaxing in the couches, liking how nice they were to sink into - do you know of the joys of a spinning chair? The fun ended when the group who had the area reserved arrived though =="

Anywho, we ordered each of the available cocktails to share: Espresso Martini, Pink Lady, something with lychee and I cannot for the life of me recall the fourth. L didn't mind the espresso but I thought it tasted like the time Mother put some ground coffee into filter paper and waved it around in hot water...I'll stick with the lychee and those granny smith slices ^^; 

When your face burns bright red like a postbox at the slightest sip of alcohol, it's hard not to feel self conscious. Then you get the unavoidable stares..and the waiter who happens to remember that you came in a month earlier and ordered a drink then as well. I don't know whether to laugh or cry ._.

And back at the finish line, we had dinner at Papa Goose (detailed in the previous post). Can you believe that, other than Mamasita, the rest was spontaneous?

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