Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reading Room Cafe

Reading Room Cafe (Victoria University)
88 Ballarat Rd Building P 

Footscray, VIC 3011

Ah, it's been a while since a breakfast post, and I'm delighted to say that I've finally crossed off another place on the wishlist! We tend to celebrate Mother's Day earlier or later in the month to avoid the crowds, and this year I decided to take her to Cibi for their famous Japanese breakfast except..I very selfishly rolled over in bed, swiped the snooze button and went on dreaming for another while.

"What a terrible daughter!"

Is what you're probably thinking, and I know! When the visual image of sheep jumping over fence did clear I flew into a wild frenzy and, determined not to disappoint, decided the belated Mother's Day breakfast was still to be had - just somewhere closer.

On weekends they also do high tea - my mum loves her coffee + cake, so this was perfect! Not to mention that for 8 weeks (currently Week 6) they're donating 20% of their proceeds to local charities is well, so there's another reason why you should bolt over when you're free :)
The usual latte. I've learnt to leave the judging to the coffee enthusiasts; all I can say is it smelt and tasted seductively good.
Sweet corn, pumpkin & coriander fritters plus poached eggs, avocado and tomato chutney
I'm afraid it's been years since I've last picked up a proper book so I'm not sure what Fritter's Lane was a play on, the only two I recognised were by Dickens and Shakespeare. Back on the topic of food, the exterior was very crispy and the inside soft, though a tad doughy. There's the inherent taste of a prominent spice I don't know the name of :/ Enjoyed the chutney and loved the eggs. There's something magical about delicately piercing the film and watching the golden river flow across the plate. All the wonderful colours!
Roasted pork belly & apple and zucchini remoulade, coriander, chilli jam and
toasted flatbread
Eleena (one of the owners) was very friendly and recommended Crackle & Pop because her mum liked it as well. This was to the Mother's tastes as she prefers simpler flavours that don't stray too far from Asian cuisine. The generous serving was surprising, so much that she only finished one slab, and there still wasn't room for tea afterwards ._____. as to my thoughts...

This. Was. Woahwieskjdzngvx, Amazing. Better than Hutong. As soon as I placed a piece of fat in my mouth it melted across the tongue and was gone. Remoulade was very creamy and a refreshing break from decadent pork.

While I don't attend VU I'm very tempted to after this satisfying meal :D

Prices: Fritter's Lane 14.50
             Crackle & Pop 16.50
             2 Lattes              6.60
Total:                            37.60
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