Friday, May 4, 2012

...Patterns Cafe?

Sundays used to be awful.

Every week I'd arrive at about 10.30am. All the breakfast places I'm interested in visiting are either too far, or are closed, and all the ones that are open I don't want to visit.

Patterns Cafe (Swanston street) was like the in between. There was nothing on their breakfast menu that I remotely liked - their lunch menu began at 11.30 - but at least there was good coffee and savouries. So picture my shock, the horror I experienced when I popped over on Thursday afternoon for a caffeine hit, maybe a salad, to be greeted with a new sign advertising Hong Kong & Taiwanese styled desserts.

Dismayed but still hopeful, I decided to give them a try anyway. Cannot remember what dessert I ordered, but it had sweet potato, taro and green bean balls and pearls. Not sure what the white specimens are called in English, but they're hard and a pain to eat. The bottom was a large block of ice and some of the sweet potato was still on the hard side.

I ish sad.

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