Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Long Dragon Dumpling House

Long Dragon Dumpling House
322 Kings Way

Melbourne, VIC 3205

Located on busy Kings Way, Long Dragon Dumpling House isn't a place I'd go out of my way to just for a dumpling fix. We were in the vicinity however, and now that Melbourne has decided to stop pms-ing and stick to the colder weather, hot soup and dumplings to warm the soul didn't sound half bad :D
Fried Pork Dumplings
Probably the thinnest skinned dumplings I've seen (but it's no good if they break apart). Because of this, the ends were really crispy, but hard - my teeth were met with that unpleasant surprise. Otherwise, they each encased a good portion of a simple pork and cabbage filling with soup for the ones still intact. Since these were minimally seasoned, there were no overwhelming flavours and I could safely pair my dumplings with the wonderful, tangy kick of vinegar (I betrayed soy sauce some years back, we haven't been on speaking terms since)
Little pumpkin cakes. They looked so lonely and afraid on the comparatively larger plate, I almost left them alone D: No I'm kidding, I love my food and my chopsticks work faster than the mind. No discernible taste, just deep fried bites with a sweet gooey filling. Give it a pass ^^;
Vegetable noodle soup. Nothing special, but for the generous serving in the bigger-than-usual bowl, it's good value. It even came with a piece of plastic floating around which was...unsettling.

Price: Under $25
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