Friday, May 11, 2012

Ebi Fine Food

Ebi Fine Food
18A Essex St
Footscray, VIC 3011

My brother may not be the best older sibling one could ask for, but I'm pretty happy with our current relationship - distant enough so we can say we're not close, but close enough so I can unashamedly ask him to pay for my meal. The status of 'baby sister' and consequent power can be fun to abuse ;P

At quarter past 5 the little room, with seating for about ten people, was filled. During my wait there was a continual line of customers popping in and out for grub, whether it was their beautifully prepared bentos or a pack of fish and chips.

Rather than take up more room, we decided to savour the bento and snacks in the comfort of home.
Seafood bento for the brother; complaints concerning portion size and pricing.
Wagyu: Mum's the best, so only the best for mum.

The inner sections were a pretty, medium pink which was tender and offered little resistance. Ponzu sauce was very light with a bare salutation from the lemon, consequently obscured by other flavours in the bento.
The pork cutlet was average, dry and firm. The lotus root chips were a new sight in a bento, whispering of some obscure taste I'm incapable of describing. Give me another bowl of them and I'll start trying after I'm satisfied.
Veggie Croquettes! I used to love the ones from the food court at Crown, though it's been years since I've last had them. These ones were nice: soft on the inside with a thin, fried coating on the outer.
Having read up on this specialty, I was delighted to learn this was a vegetarian version of the infamous takoyaki. Seafood used to terrify me, and though the level of intensity has dropped, it's going to take another decade or two before I willingly eat a part of the multilegged thing. The veggie balls were like a mini, but lighter version of okonomiyaki. Even though it was in a take away box, the quartet sat in their own special little boat, except the excess sauce conjured the idea of an oil spill ^^;

I wouldn't deliberately make my way here again for the bento, but I'm also curious about the classic fish and chips. So...I'll see you then :)

Total: $75
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