Thursday, May 24, 2012

LBB - Oli & Levi - Guava Bean - Ramen Ya - Koko Black

(Been a tad busier than usual, so this procrastination is almost justifiable!)

The week starts on Monday, often with a trip to some new breakfast place. 

Little Bean Blue (15 Little Collins St) had been on the to-go list for quite a while, so a hop, skip and jump from Parliament station and L and I were seated in the confines of the minimalistic room, enjoying the first coffee of the morning.
L's flat white ($3.80)
 We're not coffee experts. I can't tell you the different in taste between single origin or blends, or comment on the subtler notes; I do what alot of us 'uneducated' ones do: take in the aroma, continually sip, and indulge in the smooth bitterness of the caffeinated drink. The way I tell whether its 'good' is the feeling it gives me, and LBB offered a soft, comforting rug in a cup, wrapping its figurative arms around me and filling me with a pleasant warmth. The initial spoon of foam and sip was surprisingly dark, then mellowed out with every consequent sip.

Interesting characteristic.

Today's afternoon return confirmed it wasn't a one-off. I was feeling for something to accompany the cup this time, but flies helping themselves to the pastries scared me away.

Simple decorations

Oli & Levi (20 Coromandel Place, turn in from Lt. Collins st) followed closely afterwards. Much to my delight, it was one of those cafe's where, on entering, a wave of hot air welcomes you and does away with the violent cold of winter.Admittedly, there isn't much else to behold. The room is small, but cosy, with a large communal table in the centre and one (or was it two?) smaller tables in the corner.

On offer that morning were a small array of sweets - muffins, little brownies - and breakfast pastries. L had something involving egg and feta, while I went with the egg and sundried tomato option. Nothing particularly noteworthy, but it's a cheap morsel at $1.50 for each one.
Piping macarons.
Dessert is (potentially) the best part of a meal. So why not have more of it? Ours were macarons from Guava Bean/Little Feat (114 Russell Street, corner Lt. Collins st). It's a small space, with seating for 10 or less. There's even a $5 deal for a coffee + macaron for that afternoon break :)

Heard of David Choi? He came to Melbourne for a concert about two weeks back and visited here..except I missed it again. Go away bad timing, nobody likes you ;__; But back on track..
From L to R: Hazelnut, chocolate, blueberry and matcha
L liked her blueberry bite with its intense flavour. Maybe my choices of hazelnut and the chocolate one just happened to be their weaker points. I thought they were rather crumbly, and couldn't discern any nutty taste. Texture wise, those at La Belle Miette are forever the Kings.

Little Feat Macarons on Urbanspoon
Wednesday lunch: Tonkatsu Charshu Ramen @ Ramen Ya (Shop 25G Melbourne GPO 350 Bourke St). Not a fan of bamboo shoots, but they didn't smell too badly here. Soup was outrageously saline as usual, but the pork was surprisingly good. The fat melted in the mouth, but since it was thinly sliced, the sensation as wasn't satisfying as it could have been. But at $10 a bowl, they've got to be a bit stingy :P
Dessert at Koko Black.. (52 Collins St) We stayed long enough so all the tables had emptied ^^;
The above assortment of chocolatey treats ($13.50) will be the ones to blame for any future cavities. If milk chocolate's your thing, go for it.

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