Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bread Kingdom

Bread Kingdom
Somewhere on Lonsdale street
Beyond Elizabeth

Spoils from last night when we were looking for Amber Lounge. It's a wonderful looking Korean bakery selling a wide variety of different breads. I lost a little bit more of my sanity and dignity when I got there.

Bakeries just fascinate me so; I'd like to think that behind every store, is an owner who wished to impart their lovingly baked goods on the world and everyday, is living their dream.

Unpictured is a sweet potato cake that was half eating before this was taken. My spectacular arranging skills did, however, allow me to hide the fact part of the pumpkin bread is also missing ;D

The cream and red bean bun was free, which sent me in another happy frenzy. If you see a strange kid in the CBD looking ecstatic and waving their arms around, that's probably me.


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