Friday, May 4, 2012

Andrew's Hamburgers

Andrew's Hamburgers
144 Bridport St
Albert Park, VIC 3206 

Linguistics and psychology have both affected by brain in such a large way that sometimes, I come close to distancing myself from 'normal speak' and even a single object such as a mobile (the ones that hang above a baby crib, not the ones you talk into) evokes the recall of information concerning the nervous system. Now, less on that topic and more on the burger, else I'll drag us all into talk about social convention, then become confused myself :P

R and I were vaguely in the vicinity of the place, and reached the place at about 11.45 am. A queue had already formed and people filled the room, awaiting their paper packaged parcels of burger goodness. Lately my stomach seems to be shrinking (despite the fact I'm still growing. Horizontally.) so I decided to forgo the lot and stuck with the default burger with pineapple.
At the last minute I caved in to temptation and bought a mini pack of chips. Freshly made, piping hot and crispy.
The unravelled glory which was supposed to change my perception of burgers forever
   Like The Avengers, my high expectations of this probably caused the disappointment. Truthfully it reminded me of a fresher, mildly improved version of the cheeseburgers I used to buy from the school canteen. Here's a poem version of this, just so it gives an excuse for me to be less creative with my words:

The bun was soft, but not so fluffy
The meat was thick, but not too tasty
Lettuce was fresh, then overwhelmed
by the dripping of excess juices.
Tomato sauce was awkwardly 
applied lipstick, 
in need of better distribution.
Dual pineapples were sweet, 
but please sir,
I need more onions.

There was an estimated wait of 25 minutes, which turned out only to be 15. Honestly though, if I'm not around the area and even if I find myself craving a meal slapped between two buns, I wouldn't bother travelling just for this.

Total: $10.50
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