Sunday, April 1, 2012

Somewhere up Lt. Bourke there are coloured lanterns

Somewhere up Lt. Bourke, past Russell street.

Has this place been around long? My memory says no, this hotpot restaurant doesn't even exist on urbanspoon. Unless I've got the name wrong -____-

It was 11.30 when we popped in for an early lunch. It was deserted, so we had the full attention of the kitchen and the waitress.
Coloured lanterns. Pretty, but I thought the blue was very out of place.
There hangs an expired poster advertising for Lollipop F
Fish Fillet Hot Pot with Oyster Sauce. The ingredients cook quickly in the shallow pot (the oyster sauce is yet to make an appearance)
Complimentary cold dishes. 
From closest to furthest: Pork collagen, sugared peanuts, bean sprouts with sesame oil and pickled cucumbers.
As it began to boil the waitress came around with a bowl and coated the fish in oyster sauce. Whilst I acknowledge her precision with the spoon and how careful she was to smother it in a smooth, even layer, this was purely aesthetics. 

Oyster sauce has a high sodium content. Use wisely.
Fish was fresh. Broccoli was small. Potatoes and carrots were abandoned. There's a shop that also serves hot pot for $12 several shops down - I've yet to try it, but it's rather hard to go wrong with hotpot. If you visit this establishment, make sure you stop them from going overboard with the sauce, even if it means cutting short their fun with food painting.

Total: $19 (+1 bowl of rice)

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