Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Snack at Pho Bo Ga Mekong

19 Degrees. Oh Melbourne, when will you stop with your capricious behaviour. Just because you don't get as much attention as Sydney, doesn't mean you're not as loved~ (SS4 why you no come to Melbourne ;___;)
That said, a vast blue sky coupled with the warmth of the glowing sun meant it was perfect picnic weather, even if that meant abandoning my beloved blazer :P

Before our great city changes its mind again and brings out the rain clouds, do make some time to collapse on a picnic rug in a scenic park and enjoy the company of food and friends...and slamming your hand down on the pile of cards (and any other hands below) to claim ownership of them in a game of Egyptian snap [credits to A for originally teaching us]. It's the same deal as 'Snap' with additional rules:

1. Two consecutive cards add up to 10? Slam it.
2. All picture cards are 'penalty cards'. When a penalty card is played, the next player must put down the corresponding number of cards:

Ace: 4
King: 3
Queen: 2
Jack: 1 

3. If the next player puts down another picture card as part of their penalty, the penalty is passed onto the next player and overrides the previous one.
4. If no picture cards are placed down as part of the penalty, the player who played the penalty card keeps the pile of cards.
5. If you slam your hand down on the cards and find a quicker player has taken the brunt of it, feel free to smack their hand again to exert your frustration (optional)

Skip forward to Rice Paper Rolls on Swanston street. Eh. Typical rolls minus the meat paired with ordinary peanut sauce.

The place is cramped D: As I took a seat I accidentally bumped my bag into someone's head, with the final minutes squished against the table because of children and their love of space ^^;

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