Sunday, April 29, 2012


113 Lonsdale St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Dearest Shou Sumiyaki, I've finally found another companion to join you in my list of favoured restaurants! On the same Wednesday K, L, T and I lunched at the humble establishment, eating our way through 4 courses and leaving with stuffed stomachs.
Long strips of material hung overhead, dulling the fluorescent lights to a dim, but comfortable glow. As the majority of the dishes came in S, M and L, the waiter was helpful in organising the serving sizes and order of the dishes. He was very attentive and regularly topped up our glasses of water so that was a tick already :P
The journey began with a plate of  pan seared scallops. Forgive me for not remembering the more delicate details, but two days is long enough for my memories to decompose into eventual exclamations of 'When did this happen..?' A distant voice within me whispers of a slight gingery taste that was just enough for flavour. I'm not big on cooked lettuce though, so I gave it a miss.
Barramundi with soba and vegetable broth. The fish was firm yet tender and the soba a wonderful component when paired with the flavoursome broth (Alas the waiter stumbled in the final moments and splashed a spot of broth onto the side of the plate).
Roast duck in plum sauce. Didn't like the presentation of spinach draped over the rice - it reminded me of a dehydrated caterpillar who tried to climb over a hill which became its final resting place.

After many years of condemning duck, I finally gave in to the sweet, succulent pieces. I found the skin too chewy, however, and left it in a neat pile on the corner of the plate instead (my table manners are atrocious). Rice was too dry.

Braised pork belly. Skin was exceptionally crispy and the meat approaching melt-in-your-mouth. Potatoes were just cooked and the bok choy so crunchy it could distinctly be heard as one bit into them.
Chocolate pudding with whiskey sabayon was definitely my favourite dish and probably the one recurring dessert I would ever order. L & I made the mistake of swiping up as much sauce as we could which was absolutely divine. Strong and bold, it seeped into the dense chocolate and was an absolute delight for the tastebuds~ Truly the shining star, so much I practically neglected the other sweets.
Mascarpone and rhubarb filled pancake with persian fairy floss and this tiny, tiny, spoon of pistachio ice cream. The wonderful characteristic of persian fairy floss is that it's very fine and dissolves on impact. I question their choice of colour, but that's just me being picky. And rhubarb? I dislike it's tartness =.=

Pistachio ice cream was another highlight. Very smooth and an impressively strong taste. I weep at the serving size ;___;
Something and pandan tart with mango sorbet was like the passerby in a crowd of stand-outs. Forgettable.

Total: Between $240-$250
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