Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mister Close

Mister Close
246 Bourke Street
Shop 13, Midtown Plaza

I'm a believer of destiny -it's a way to make sure I don't regret anything in life and I try to come up with excuses as to why unappreciated incidents occur.

Take this morning.

Whenever I miss the train, I delude myself into thinking I'll be meeting my future partner there. It will be love at first sight, the cameras will have this extended, exaggerated close up shot of our faces and our twinkling eyes, then we'll link arms, sprout angelic wings and take to the skies.

While I didn't meet a Mr. Right today, I did visit Mister Close for breakfast with L and K.
Latte. Cold foam, hmm :/
 Cutlery wasn't very clean, some unidentified smidgen of substance was stuck on the teaspoon. K pointed out the footprints on the table as well.
K's artistic snapshot
Good pals: the Amigo eggs

Egg white omelette w/ goats cheese & spinach
I was wanting a chorizo & goats cheese omelette w/ smoked almond &parsley salad, but the waitress must have heard differently and served up an egg white omelette w/ goats cheese &spinach instead. Rather than risk running late, I went along with this arrangement anyway.

This was the first time I tried goat's cheese so the unexpectedness sourness was confronting. There was a large amount of it in the omelette, rather overpowering.

To quote L, "It was just egg and cheese with spinach. Personally i think that they overdid the cheese a little but otherwise (a) very simple eat. Can't complain, but can't compliment either."

Well summarised.

Total: $53 (3 coffees, 2 omelettes and 1 amigo omelette)
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