Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mio Dolce+

Mio Dolce
89 Puckle Street
Moonee Ponds 3039

Didn't have the camera with me so all I've got are some dodgy 2MP pictures. I hope you don't mind ^^;
Mother and I shared a many layered pastry of a name which escapes me. The thought process in trying to recall it is as follows:
1. Was a word I couldn't pronounce, starts with S.
2. Second letter was 'f'.
3. ...or a 'z'.
4. Ended in 'ando'..?
5. Sforzando! ...o. O. O..*trails off* is a music term.
6.  Was a word I couldn't pronounce, starts with S.
Back on track, the filling wasn't to my tastes so I'll leave it at that. The Strawberry Cheesecake, on the other hand was very smooth and spread lazily across the tongue as I do across the bed when there's work to be done. A hurrah for procrastination!

Total: Under 15 (+ coffee and tea)

Meanwhile, I'm awaiting the opening of TeapoCafe's city branch. Website is here but there's more to be found on its facebook page for now. While it looks only to be a competitor for dear Chatime it still looks cute, yes? As to that quote they have there: 

If tea is love, please pour me some more tea."

Au contraire!
Tea is love, but of the past. It is coffee which now gives me warmth."

You can lunge at my throat for being superfluous and not typing 'was' rather than 'is', but the quote seemed to sound better that way :P

*Truthfully though, tea would be my stay-at-home husband and each cup of coffee the different men with whom I have intimate affairs. And yet..

Enjoy the weekend kids :)

 *That 'truthfully' refers to how tea and coffee actually fit into my life, not my infidelity to imaginary people xD

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