Tuesday, April 3, 2012


131 Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC3000

I caught up with J today with the intention of enjoying some stonegrill at Ishiya. Alas, the doors were still closed and my stomach - which should really be used to skipping breakfast by now - wasn't about to sit obediently and not whine. Dear Heirloom here was the next place we saw that was open and looked good. 

This time I remembered to snap photos of the food and consequently dismissed the environment. I do remember the impressive looking bar in the centre of the room though :D
J's Prawn Kakiage Udon Set
which also came with two pieces of sushi and a salad (unpictured)
Pork Katsu Set
Also came with rice, miso soup and black sesame sauce. The firm pork pieces weren't very crispy and were lacking in juices so as to allow the sauce to shine. Forgot about the notes today too, so I can only offer a vague description about it tasting salty with a touch of sourness and distinctly of sesame - a fine support for the meat.

You can catch the barest whiff of wasabi in the crunchy salad - I do love the texture of seaweed.

Bella Baci here wasn't my first choice but the arrangement turned out well. You get all sorts of fruity flavours in the glass with strawberries as the most prevailing flavour. Cheerfully sweet, I only wish I could have downed* it faster without the eruption of crimson on my face.

Wonderful staff who all bore friendly smiles. As Arnie said, I'll be back~

Total: $52

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*Really just a continuous sip from the straw with very few, though long, breaks in between to stop myself from finishing beverages before the meal. It's a bad habit.

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