Friday, March 9, 2012

SUT and wine

SUT and Wine
970 Whitehorse Road
Box Hill, VIC3128

Dinner with the mother today :) Frankly she doesn't like it when I bring the camera out at restaurants, and even less when I blog about them, so the photos from these outings tend to be even worse in quality (apologies!) ^^;

Mother ordered the Fish Roe Bibimbab. Not a fan of roe, so I helped myself to her side dishes instead.

They overdosed on sugar with the mashed potato, so whilst it was just soft enough without being too buttery, its saccharine nature deterred me from having any more.

The rice cake showed how inadequate I was with chopsticks, which I eventually abandoned in favour of a more effective utensil: the almighty spoon. Looks can be deceiving, but this was one very honest. Just plain rice cake flavoured with soy sauce.

Then there was the typical kimchi. The waitress was very attentive and asked whether we wanted a top up straight after we finished it. In fact, all three people who served us were extremely friendly, so thumbs up for the good (and prompt) service!

Sweet mashed potato, rice cake and kimchi

When it comes to korean food, Beef Bulgogi is my greatest love. The sauce was locked inside the soft beef and the taste spread wonderfully across the palate. While I still found it on the salty side, it appears my tolerance level increases for this particular marinade. Carrot pieces were thin to the point of near transparency, and the addition of black fungus was new to me, but didn't set this place apart from any others I've been to.


Unpictured is my Lemon and Lime Bitters which was good value since they had fatter glasses.

Total: $44.30
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