Friday, March 2, 2012

Patterns Cafe + St Kilda Road

Patterns Cafe
Yes the fourth time in 5 days, this place is currently in the trialling stages of becoming my regular haunt. When I tried the latte on Wednesday, I smelt chlorine and ignored it because I was probably being weird.

It still smelt like chlorine today. Somebody tell me what the proper characteristics of Five Senses are ><

Somewhere along St Kilda Road..
It was a cafe around Domain Interchange, I forget the name. L had the House Breakfast..whatever it was called. I had the Eggs Florentine.



Playing with angles and lighting.

We didn't think too much of this breakfast. L didn't like the chipolatas at all and the hash browns were greasier than the ones at Maccas. Spinach was bitter.

It was my first time trying Hollondaise sauce and I've decided it's too creamy and tangy for my liking.

Please excuse the substandard post today. A little incident happened after the breakfast which left me fuming at the stupidity of some people.

Total: Low 20's

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