Sunday, March 25, 2012

Le Cirque Fine Foods

Le Cirque Fine Foods
27 Star Crescent
Docklands, VIC3008

Got off to an awful start this morning when the leg cramped before I had even gotten out of bed - I'm pinning the blame on Romp. In case you haven't heard, it's a charity event that is "part treasure hunt, part Amazing Race, part puzzle" and you get an excuse to run around the city in your choice of costume. 

Us? We were the six misfits who went from being hunters to murderers to businessmen to some group of people whose only commonality was black and white clothing ^^;
Nice font :D
I swear we planned on tramming and making good use of our time..but one checkpoint led to another and we eventually ended up at Le Cirque.
R stuck with a bowl of chips. Crunchy.
S and T had Roast Beef Rolls. No complaints
L helped herself to Linguini with Chicken.

Tr 's Risotto with Duck

My Lamb Fillet Salad

Roasted lamb resting on a bed of fresh salad. The meat was to my liking as it was well cooked and just bordering on charred. Excessive dressing was a deterrent.
High Tea
Heads up: Rock up with at least one other companion and mention the magazine Karamel to get a discount of $7 off High Tea. At the new price of $12.90, the wallet won't feel as much pain for the tier of food.

Visually, the array of sandwiches were not the best fellas of the lot but the sensation of warm cheese bonded with crispy bread and sweetened with a thin layer of jam was rather delectable :) The firm chicken pieces were another pleaser.

Scones were heavy and dry. As I sulkily swallowed each bite, all I could think was, "Never again, never again.."
Macarons were little crumbly sugar hits. Escape the disaster to the wonderful world of Brunetti's and stay there xD Unless you're headed for a better place like La Belle Miette in which case you should run faster.

Total: About $120 (+ two glasses of wine)

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