Sunday, March 11, 2012


45 Collins Street
Collins Place Lower Ground Level, Shop 59  

You're at an art gallery and see a stunning painting. So you walk over to gaze at this wonder and admire its beauty, maybe snap a few shots of it, then move over to the next one.

Not only can you do all of the above with dear Rubis here, the best part is that this artwork is edible. 

It wasn't too dense or overpoweringly sweet and tasted very subtly of lime. The raspberry didn't impose either making this cake an absolute pleasure to devour~

Ganache of the Chocolate Macaron was dense, though missing the bitter kick I enjoy ^^;
The aftertaste was very 'clean'. Even after finishing the desserts and I drank the rest of the coffee, the bitter taste didn't linger at all.
It's almost cute how waiters/waitresses assume I'll be taking the weak latte and Mother drinks the stronger xD
Total: Around $17

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