Thursday, March 29, 2012

Equitable Place

Blue sky overhead.
Following on from the grand experience yesterday, in the not-quite-so early hours of this morning K, L and I traversed through the onslaught of businessmen and women back to Equitable Place.
Of the shops along the lane, this place had a comparably extensive breakfast menu.
We forcefully ordered a Mocha for K, to which we owe an apology ^^; The liquid sat in three distinct shades of chocolate and didn't have the slightest hint of coffee - unbearably sweet.
L's Flat White
 The lack of coffee art annoyed her so.
I finally tired of the latte and took a step up to a Cappuccino. This was quite low in intensity.
K and I both had Spanish Omelettes. Chorizo wasn't as 'delicate' as those at Manchester Press and involved no subtleties; just straight forward saline meat and the crude harshness of additional pepper. If you're a cheese person, you'd enjoy the central concentration of it in the omelette.
L felt the feta was slightly overdone, but otherwise enjoyed her scrambled egg (I'll have to get her to remind me what the proper name was).  

Food took 15-20 minutes to arrive and by then my coffee was already half gone and stripped of its reassuring heat. When the plates did arrive, the cutlery was placed across the dish and contracted excess oil from the food. 

Otherwise, the setting wasn't too bad. There's something grand about dining outside a cafe in a lane wedged between towering buildings, especially with a cool breeze blowing which just tickles the skin - Mother Nature's way of telling us to enjoy our meal. The experience was severed in two when we found ourselves surrounded by smokers. 

A hasty departure.

Total: $40.20 

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