Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dessert Story

Dessert Story
195 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne, VIC3000

It was almost 3PM when we arrived at Dessert Story which was absolutely brimming with customers (not to mention the queue trailing outside!)

We ordered two desserts (they took away the receipt, so don't quote me on their proper names DX) - a cold, sweet soup consisting of white fungus and papaya and a warm soup consisting of red bean, taro and sweet potato.

I had the former and thought the papaya needed to be cooked for longer as some of the pieces weren't as soft as they should have been, and the firmer parts of the fungus were left on. The soup was truly 'sugar water'.

Mother had the warm soup and commented on how average it was. I guess we were expecting something more special considering their unending flow of customers.

Total: $12.50
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EDIT 26/5: Their ice shaver wasn't broken this time! \o/ Tried the black sesame version, and also a mango option (as recommended by K). Sesame was really sweet, so mango trumps, especially with the little balls that pop in your mouth :D

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