Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brown Bagels

Brown Bagels

330 Collins St 
Shop 10 Equitable Pl
Melbourne, VIC3000

Following coffee and macarons, my stomach started protesting against the zero instake of savoury food, so we found another lane to explore and settled down at Brown Bagels.

It was a cute little place which could have been personified into a creative, but humble child. Look to the ground and see if you can spot the smiley face :)

Silly ole me was too excited about the store and forgot to take a photo of the full bagel. Ah, the effects of time on memory..

Above is the other half of my Roast Beef bagel. At a fraction of the price at Manchester Press, this was decent and echoed of the salad rolls at Luneburger (who, much to my chagrin, have closed. Farewell dear friend, makers of my breakfast!) minus the tomato. Speaking in terms of texture it was a wise choice (I appreciate crunchiness~)

However..never have I met a dish which required more mustard. Another dollop on top of the smidgen would have given this a much needed kick of flavour.

Otherwise, perhaps I'll see you there for breakfast :)

Price: $8.50
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