Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pie Face

Pie Face
Swanston St

Breakfast with L, the [usually] regular companion when eating out. This time I went for a Chunky Steak Pie w/ Mashed Potato and Peas + Gravy  and a Latte.

The latte was stronger than other places I’ve tried and L noted its burnt taste. Nothing special.
I’m really not an expert on mash [or food in general, but hey, it’s an excuse to take photos and have a blog] - in fact, my general rule is the smoother it is, the happier they’ve made me. Whilst Pie Face have done well on decreasing my potential weight gain, I would have appreciated extra butter.

In my vain attempt to stop the gravy from dripping overboard, I completely forgot to note its taste ^^; Flakiness of pastry I can’t comment on, considering how it was drowning underneath the gravy. The beef bits were nice and soft; salt content was too high.
And the cheesecake, which was looking oh so seductive behind the glass counter..only to weigh heavily on my heart afterwards. Now that I think about it, who makes a single slice of cheesecake in the morning ready for breakfast? As L pointed out, the woman looked very happy to be selling it.

It definitely wasn’t fresh and was too crumbly for my liking. The top of the cake had a near plastic texture, and the biscuit base and jam was terribly dry. This thing cost me $5.95: excuse me while I cry in a corner and mourn the loss of better tasting and valued food I could have enjoyed instead.

Total: Just under $17

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