Sunday, February 26, 2012

Patterns Cafe

Patterns Cafe
254 Swanston Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Due to some unrelated dodgy behaviour, I had a late lunch and was shivering from hunger (also melting from the heat. I'm a living contradiction). So I opted for some place close.

Scanning over the options I decided on a Beef Burger and an Iced Coffee.The burger may not look too big, but it was still awkward to hold. See the upside of burgers from fast food joints is that it comes giftwrapped so you can keep all the fillings in place. Here, I was playing a very serious balancing and catching game.
Eventually the lettuce and beetroot dropped out, and I had to forcibly remove the bacon and cheese - it was messy. My main dilemma was my fringe which enjoys hanging around and ruining my relationship with food.

The bun was soft and encased beef, bacon, lettuce, onions and beetroot. Beef patty was thick and embedded with red spices; the juice was dripping onto the container. Couldn't taste the beetroot but the caramelised onions were sweet enough and really hit the spot~

Chips were crisp and very lightly salted. Finally, someone who cares about sodium intake!

The iced coffee really won me over. The bitterness of coffee juxtaposed with the cool sweetness of milk and dissolved cream. Very tempted to order another before I left, but the meal was ridiculously filling and my stomach was begging me not to.

So I'll see you there for breakfast :D
Total: $11.90
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