Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oliver Lane Espresso

Oliver Lane Espresso
140 Flinders Street, CBD

Did you happen to pick up ‘The Coffee Army Handbook’ from The Age today (edit: Friday)? Good friend ‘R’ gave me a copy of it and in my excitement I demanded we check out one of the places in the afternoon. The first stop was Cup of Truth, which happened to close early, so we opted for Oliver Lane Espresso instead.

The latte wasn’t as strong as expected and left me in a pleasant, rather happy mood afterwards - to the point that I bought another despite the sweltering heat. The foam was even better the second time round: perhaps the type of milk really did make a difference. Unfortunately I’ll only be coming back when I’m feeling rather mellow - towards the end of the cup it tasted more like a supersized babycino.

H had a berry milkshake which reminded me of medicinal syrup ._.
A, Kr and L went with iced coffees which didn’t taste of coffee at all, but I suppose it served its purpose as a cold drink.
Ky ordered an iced mocha to which she testified:

“I haven’t tried enough properly critique it, but I thought it had just the right amount of creaminess/sweetness of milk and the taste of chocolate and coffee I wanted, though once you got to the end, there were just the fat of the milk/cream.”

What can I say? We all have different opinions :)

A thumbs up for the friendly service and cheaper prices!

Prices: Latte - $3.30
      Iced coffees - $5.50
      Berry Milkshake - $5.50

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