Saturday, February 25, 2012


245 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Being low on funds and alone, the food court seemed like the way to go..until I passed by this place advertising their cheap eats at a mere 6.90.
At that point in time the picture of Kay’s Chicken with Rice was looking very appealing, though I really doubted it my meal would look anywhere as pretty. Surprise surprise, after a short wait (and a moment’s mulling over someone else ordering after and getting their food before me) I was presented with the above glory. Looking good.
The chicken was in nice, bite sized pieces and was slightly crispy, although it was terribly salty. This clashed with the dollop of tangy sour cream, which I eventually abandoned on one side of the container (no corners here). On the bright side, the salad was fairly fresh, and the rice was great: soft and not too sticky. Much better than some other restaurants.

After noting the tastes though, my mind left for another world and the food stopped registering. That’s why this place warrants another visit for the next time I’m feeling cheap :D

Price: $6.90
Hanaichi (Qv Sq) on Urbanspoon

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