Sunday, February 26, 2012


 566 Flinders St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Breakfast with L. Our main motivation for checking out this place was the mention of a “tall hot chef with the blue eyes” and, just our luck, we didn’t sight him at all. Right, that’s points down already…[I kid, I kid]
L's masterpiece
Orange seats and murky green tables :/
If we get enough people..
L ordered the Provincial style Frittata with chorizo sausage, leek, potato & basil and her usual Flat White. The only notable thing was the bird. Didn’t get to try the frittata, though L’s expression and half-hearted hacking at the food told of its mediocrity.

I had the Veggie Omelette rolled with tender asparagus red peppers (capsicum) & tomato chutney and a Latte. I’m happy that they didn’t overdo the seasoning. The addition of sweet corn was pleasant and the different textures of the fillings was exciting. Eventually I smothered the lot in chutney; the slight sourness really did enhance the flavour.
Mmm. Avocado

Wasn’t happy about their placing the omelette on top of the toast. The latte, was a latte. A cautious sip, then downed so as not to waste the 3.50 spent on it.

Total for 2: $32
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